Modular Desk Guard - Aluminum Upright with Acrylic Shield

  • $210.00

25" W x 30" H - $220.00/ea

  • 4 different base options available
  • Easy to install
  • Includes 3/16” acrylic shield
  • 6” gap at bottom for transactions
  • Full-coverage section(s) can be added for protection over a wider area

DIMENSIONS: 25" W x 30" H

MATERIAL: Metal Base/Upright Holders and Acrylic Shield

LEAD TIME: 3 Business Days + Transit Time

NOTE: Your logo can be printed as a sticker and applied to the acrylic shield. Quote upon request

1.  Connect upright to base bushing using large Phillips Head Screws provided.
2.  Remove plastic endcap. Insert Acrylic Panel.
3.  Replace plastic endcap.

Base Options


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