Classic 4-Balloon Tabletop Kit - Round Stand

  • $47.94

$52.91 Per Kit

Bring color into your leasing office and draw attention where it's needed with our helium-free reusable classic balloon kits.

 •   Comes with all the hardware you need to mount on a desk or table
 •   Comes with 4 heavy-duty, long-lasting balloons
 •   Easily assembled and disassembled in minutes

Kit Includes:

(4)  13" Classic Balloons
(4)  Holding Cups
(1)  35" Long Stem 
(3) 27" Short Stems
(1)  Clear Table Top Round Stand
(4)  Metallic Ribbons
(1)  Inflation Needle

MATERIAL: Heavy Duty Plastic Polymer

NOTES: Avoid using sharp objects to open packaging as this could damage the balloons. During seasons of cold weather or weather changes, the air inside the balloons can be expected to condense and expand. Be careful not to overinflate as this could cause the balloons to pop.

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