Classic 3-Balloon Bandit Sign Combo

  • $62.44

$62.44 Per Combo Kit

Make sure that your messaging grabs attention with our one-of-a-kind sign and balloon combos! This eye-catching kit comes with a bandit sign and a standalone ground-mounted classic balloon bouquet.

 •   Includes a custom double-sided bandit sign
 •   Comes with 3 heavy duty, long-lasting balloons
 •   Easily assembled and disassembled in minutes

Kit Includes:

(1)  18"x24" Double-Sided Bandit Sign  
(1)  H-Wire Bandit Sign Stand
(3) 13" Classic Balloons
(1) 33" Long Stem
(2) 25" Short Stems
(1) Stem Adapter
(3) Metallic Ribbons
(1)  Inflation Needle
(1)  Short Pole
(1) Ground Stake

Already have the bandit sign? Order the balloon kit alone for $52.66
Includes balloons, stems, stem adapter, metallic ribbons, short pole, ground stake, and inflation needle
This kit does not mount directly to the sign - it mounts on the ground next to or behind the bandit sign

MATERIAL: Heavy Duty Plastic Polymer

NOTES: Avoid using sharp objects to open packaging as this could damage the balloons. During seasons of cold weather or weather changes, air inside the balloons can be expected to condense and expand. Be careful not to overinflate as this could cause the balloons to pop.

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